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10:30am until 9:00pm

10:30am until 9:30pm
11:00am until 9:30pm
4:30pm until 9pm

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Beer, Wine, & Spirits Policies

  • The name on the MIM account must match the person paying for the alcohol upon arrival.
  • Credit Card Only.
  • The customer's Driver's License must also match the name on the MIM account and Credit Card.
  • The customer's ID will be scanned upon the drivers arrival using a software typically used by law enforcement.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason, this includes but is not limited to visible over intoxication, unreadable IDs, expired IDs, etc.
  • If a customer is ordering food as well, two drivers may be used to deliver the order, therefore your entire order may arrive at a slightly different time
  • Please be aware that Wine and Liquor prices change sporadically, we may need to reach you by phone with price updates.
  • CLICK HERE to Access our Online Ordering Menus.


All of our mobile servers are independent contractors who provide their own vehicle, purchase their own gas, and provide their own insurance. Just as in a restaurant, your mobile server works hard to ensure that you receive an enjoyable meal. A 15% gratuity is customary and greatly appreciated.


Lunch Minimum: $10 prior to fees and taxes

Dinner Minimum: $10 prior to fees and taxes

Food Delivery Fee: $4.99

Alcohol Delivery Fee: $5.99




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